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But each one, man by man, has won imperishable praise!

Each has won a glorious grave - not that sepulchre of earth wherein they lie, but the living tomb of everlasting remembrance wherein their glory is enshrined.

Remembrance that will live on the lips, that will blossom in the deeds of their countrymen the world over.

For the whole world is the sepulchre of heroes. Monuments may rise and tablets be set up to them in their own land, but on far-off shores there is an abiding memorial that no pen or chisel has traced; it is graven, not on stone or brass, but on the living heart of humanity.

Take these men as your example.

Like them,

prosperity can only be for the free, that freedom is the sure possession of those alone who  have the courage to defend it......

Pericles (495 - 429 BC).

Sub-Branch Members Deceased
Since 2011 - 179

Lest We Forget

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Passed away during 2011

Keith Donoghue

William Coombes

Arthur Theobold

Roy Black

Clarence Hasler

Olga Robertson

R.J. Nickels

Frederick Lloyd

Ludwik Mista

Ernest Haliday

Stanley Lesniewicz

John Tymieniecki

Leonard Rosier

William Faull

George Dicker

Hugh Bentley

George Debnam

Noel Stewart

Victor Smith

John Gallagher

Jeffrey Simmonds

Blair Winter

Leonard Brown

Charles Gordon

Kevin Ward

Keith Jones

John Ward

Passed away during 2012
Graham Whyte
Noel Williams
Stan Halik
Verdun Humphreys
Norman Cremen
William Young
John Park
Donald Croft
Noel Phillips
Allan Croome
George Passfield
Frederick Stribling
Herbert Quinton
Herbert Greaves
Godfrey Ware
Geoffrey Scadden
Oswald Charlesworth
Robert Dyer
William Smith
Tim Cooper
Henry Shand
Keneth Pumpa
Harold Tonacia
Frank Bowles
Jack Stig
Robert Gleeson
Charles Anderson
William Cleverly
Joseph Healy
Robert Ansell
Passed away during 2013
 William Collins
Eugene Konashenko
Victor Boucher
Anthony Van Rugge
William Semmens
Victor Dawson
Arthur Isaac
Sydney Walter Hill
Ernest Scott
Leonard Wright
Norman Kershaw
Mathew Duncombe
Derek bell
George Collins
Bruce Lunam
Norman Brooks
John McEwen
Richard Smith
David Drennan
Jack Whitmarsh
Lawrence Farrell
George Miller
George Jedynski
James Beven
John Gardner
Robert Boreham
James madden
Bieu (Bill) Nguyen
Harold Oliver

Passed away during 2014

John W Rutherford

Harry Mobsby

Ronald McMaster

Frederick Jackson

Robert Halfacree

Mrs Enfys Preston

Leonard Weston

Reginald Schipp

Herbert Hufton

Jean Bowles

Harry Wright

Reginald (Ozzie) Kerr

Max Catho

Charles Vidulich

Andrew Jeffrey

Elizabeth Lyne


Passed away during 2015
 Sidney Bennett
Tim McCombe
Keith Bartley
Cecil Hinch
Albert Smythe
William Woolmer
John Rolf
Roy Newlan
Selwyn Robinson
John Arthur Smith
William Alfred Clough
Reginald Yeo
Peggy Haggett
Ralph Colbran
Noel Carney
Rachel Wineberg
Patricia Oslington
Jean Casamento
Stanley T Hayes
Christopher Buckley
Allan Ralph (7/8/15)



Passed away during 2016

Jack Bedford

Cecil McInnes

T. Masters

James Law

Phillip Auguston

James Baker

Mrs E.M. Lawn

George Wiltshire

Robert Clark

Donald Hunter

Fred Pickles

Jerzy Strzelecki

Arthur Bush

Jim Williamson

Sydney Triffitt

Beresford Shipley

Sidney Suey

Passed away during 2017

Raymond Parker

John Morley

William Polo

William Broadhurst

Reg Tyson

Jack Harris

Denis Bruton

Andrew Moffatt

Geoffrey Wainwright

George Faulkner

Robert (Bob) Thomas

Albert Smythe

William Woolmer

John Rolf

Roy Newlan

Selwyn Robinson

John Arthur Smith

William Alfred Clough

Reginald Yeo

Passed away during 2018

Edwin Taylor

Lloyd Pitt

Bob Bragg

Colin Knight

Peter Francis Ross

Robert Kirkpatrick

Jack Ames

Kim Tan Nguyen

William Prigg

Passed away during 2019

Peter Donsworth

Reginald Turner

Ken Warden

William Bryden

Ron Flannagan

John Rolf


Passed away during 2020

Guido Fasan

Lai Pham

Alan Marshall

Albert Raymond Toyer

Roy Elyard

Passed away during 2021



Passed away during 2022

Albert Maurice Collins(105)





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